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Are you satisfied with your lawns current appearance? Learn the top lawn mowing mistakes to avoid from the lawn care experts at Alternative Earthcare.

Top Lawn Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

Have Your Lawn Fertilized
The knowledgeable Long Island lawn care experts at Alternative EarthCare have put together some information for you regarding the most common mistakes people make when mowing their lawn. From cutting it too tall or short, leaving the clippings on the surface or bagging them up, – there are many choices for mowing your lawn; but what is the best way to do it? Check out our answers below.


Don’t Cut Your Lawn Too Short

One important factor of healthy grass is establishing a healthy root system. Cutting the grass too short will prevent the grass from establishing strong, deep roots.



Don’t Allow Overgrown Grass to Harbor Insects

Although life sometimes can get in the way of yard work, what with work and family, it is important to mow your lawn often so that it doesn’t get too tall. By leaving grass too long you create an environment for insects to hide and thrive, such as ticks, ants and other unwanted pests.



Don’t Cut Too Much At Once

You should never cut more than a third of length of grass at a time. Why? Because cutting too much at once damages your lawn. If you use a very large blade on the mower the grass can be ripped rather than slicing straight through due to the tension from the longer length in the cut.

Imagine getting a haircut where the hair stylist, instead of holding the comb and using a scissor, ripped your hair at the end. It would not look nice and even, nor would your roots appreciate the tugging. If you want to cut it shorter than 1/3rd of its length you should do so in however many increments it takes to get to the length you want.



Don’t Bag All of Your Grass Clippings

Although some people may want their grass clippings bagged for aesthetic reasons you can leave the clippings on your lawn. Not only will leaving grass clippings on your lawn save you the time of bagging them, but it will help fertilize your lawn.

Ideally, clippings left should be no more than half an inch tall in order to be broken down quicker. This is possible if you have a mulcher or if your lawnmower has the option. What you don’t want to do is leave tall grass clippings on your lawn in a thick layer as this may encourage thatch.



What You Should Do

For establishing and maintaining a healthy lawn, the ideal height to cut your grass depends on the type of grass you have; but generally speaking it’s 1-3 inches. When you mow the lawn the important thing to remember is the 1/3rd rule mentioned above. However often you decide to mow your lawn the key to healthy grass is cutting it right, and avoiding these mistakes will certainly help you maintain a beautiful long island landscape.


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