At Alternative Earthcare we are doing our part in watching the environment and protecting. We have been doing it for well over 25 years to protect the land we live on from insects and diseases caused by these insects to help continue the growth of the lawns in Cemeteries, Apartment Complexes and Commercial Properties around Long Island. So we are introducing a new way to treat the growth and stability of your commercial lawn. We do so by unlocking nutrient reserves and exploding microbial life.

This treatment is a liquid microbial probiotic that includes a wide range of beneficial bacteria and fungi, these beneficial probiotics can be used on any soil type, any turf type or ornamental crop. This product reduces nutrient requirements and delivers outstanding results. It is applied through the use of our fertilizer to your property and it enhances the overall nutrient efficiency and uptake.

The product we use consist of natural based fertilizers that are designed to provide the foundation for healthy turf and soil. The product combines the synergistic benefits of high quality organic ingredients and essential mineral nutrients to feed both the soil and the turf. This unique approach to turfgrass management brings solid agronomics and sound economics together. Here are some of the benefits of this treatment.


  • Delivers a Natural Residual Fertilizer for Turf and Ornamental Plant Maintenance
  • Enhances Root Stimulation and Plant Growth for New Planting, Seeding or Sodding
  • Delivers a Non-Burning Organic Fertilizer for any type of Turf or Plant Installation
  • Stimulates and Builds the Native Microbial Populations Reducing Agronomic Problems
  • Releases Nutrients that are tied up in the soil.
  • Reduces Transplant Shock and Enhances Over Establishment
  • Contains Beneficial Bacteria that Promotes Turf and Plant Health

This Probiotic Product was designed for all types of ornamental and turf installations. It helps to promote soil health benefits for turf and plant stress recovery. This product combines the benefits of mycorrhizal that attaches to the root system to enhance water and nutrient update. In addition, this product includes a wide range of beneficial bacteria to mine nutrients from the soil. Here are some of the benefits of this treatment.


  • Enhances Nutrient and Water Uptake to Reduce Stress Problems
  • Solubilizes and Mineralizes Nutrients for Plant Availability
  • Contains Rhizo-Bacterial & Fungi that promotes Induced Systemic Resistance
  • Promotes Plant Growth Hormones – Gibberellins, Auxins & Cytokinins.
  • Fixes Atmospeheric Nitrogen that reduces Annual Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates

We at Alternative Earthcare have been treating Apartment Complexes, Commercial Properties and Cemeteries across Long Island with this turf grass product with 100% positive customer satisfaction. We can deliver it to your property with complete safety and satisfaction.

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