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Living on Long Island puts you at risk of ticks and the diseases they carry. Alternative Earthcare has years of experience with insect control and keeping your yard safe from ticks.

Make Your Yard Safe from Ticks

The prevalence of Lyme disease and Babesiosis is a frightening reality of living on Long Island. With such a heavy population of deer and deer ticks that carry these diseases, avoiding ticks can seem nearly impossible. So what can you do to keep your children, pets, and yourself safe? Trust in Alternative EarthCare to provide you with a myriad of options: from the least toxic and invasive to more extreme solutions, all custom tailored to your property and lifestyle. We offer safer, less toxic solutions such as tick tubes, and when needed, more extreme solutions such as spraying targeted areas with insecticides.



Tick Control for Lawns & Broader Wooded Areas

It was once only advised to check yourself, children and pets for ticks after going hiking or near tall grasses at the beach. Now not only are ticks being found in the beautiful woods that surround many Long Island homes, but due to overpopulation of deer and in turn deer ticks, we now find ticks on our lawns as well!


Even if your children do not explore around the trees that line so many of our beautiful long island properties, ticks will find their way from the woods to your lawn, home, and your family by way of jumping or being carried by mice, dogs, cats, and other animals.


Our woods are dense with deer these days, especially within the beautiful woods in the Pine Barrens of Eastern Long Island. Any gardener who lives on the East End of Long Island will laugh or snarl at the impossible tug of war they play with the deer and their tomato plants, but it is often far back in their mind that these beautiful, albeit pesky, animals spread deadly diseases onto their property too.


For landscape maintenance, including tree services and sprays, Alternative EarthCare is your best choice for tick control across Suffolk and Nassau county. We begin the treatment of your property with a survey and inspection of your home and surrounding area. We then create a custom pest control program for you so that your Long Island home, be it by the tall grasses of on the south shore of Nassau county, the green hills and manicured lawns of the north shore in Suffolk county, the wooded areas of the pine barrens, or the sprawling properties of Eastern Long Island’s north and south forks, will be safe from ticks and the diseases they carry.


Specific Solutions for Eliminating Ticks

Alternative EarthCare can deposit Tick Tubes around your property as a less toxic way of killing the ticks with a Damminix insecticide. This method is very reliable as it works by placing the tick tubes (which are filled with insecticide-soaked cotton balls) strategically throughout your property. The mice in the area (which also carry the lyme-disease infected deer ticks) then take the cotton to build their nests and in the process the ticks are killed by the insecticide. Although this method does rely on an insecticide it avoids spraying it around your yard or trees, and thus your children will not come into direct contact with it while they play outside in the woods or on the lawn. Tick tubes are a less invasive, least toxic, option for reducing the tick population and keeping your family (especially small children and pets) safe from chemical exposure and tick-borne illnesses.


Especially for East End tick control, if there is a heavy presence of ticks discovered after our free survey, we may recommend doing a spray of the entire area. We recommend that children and pets stay off of the lawn for a specific amount of time depending on the spray application used. All options and the associated benefits or risks will be addressed and explained in full detail with you when we go over our free estimate and survey for tick removal on your property.


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