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Lawn care doesn't stop when the winter chill comes! Here are 3 easy ways to prepare your lawn so you will have a green, plush landscape come springtime.

Winter Landscaping & Care

The winter chill doesn’t mean you have to take a break from your lawn care and landscaping routine. In fact, with the mostly-mild winter that Long Island has experienced so far, January is the perfect time to prepare your property for the warmer months. Here are some great tips from the team at Alternative Earthcare for January lawn maintenance that will have you seeing green this spring!


1) Trim Shrubs, Hedges & Trees

The winter months are the ideal time for shrubs, hedges, and trees to be pruned and trimmed, which will promote new growth during the spring season. In fact, well-pruned plants will produce more fruits and flowers, and diligent pruning will help fight off disease and pests. Be conscious of low hanging tree branches near your or your neighbor’s home. Heavy snow can easily turn a low hanging branch into a costly property damage bill! Call our professional and insured team at Alternative Earthcare for any pruning/trimming needs, particularly near power lines, or with heavy tree limbs that may have resulted from storm damage.


Brown Patches from not Clearing Debris - Long Island
Don’t leave debris on your lawn! Here are the springtime brown patches as a result.

2) Remove Leaves & Debris

Removing the fallen leaves, branches and debris from your lawn prior to a frost or snowfall will help to ensure healthy grass in the spring. When these items remain on the ground, they block the grass blades from accessing sunlight, which can result in patches of brown lawn that will take some TLC to fix come springtime. This also includes lawn furniture and clay planters, which can leave spots or brown-looking grass. These items should be stored inside to avoid cracking and breaking.


3) Spread Protective Mulch

Mulching may seem like a lawn care tactic for the spring, but it actually has huge benefits in the winter as well! Mulching acts as a barrier against the harsher cold elements and keeps the roots of your plants protected and warm. However, over-mulching or covering tree trunks and roots can cause root rot if too much moisture accumulates near the base of your plantings.

It’s important to stay proactive with your lawn care, even during the dormant winter months. Taking the time to consult with the knowledgable professionals at Alternative Earthcare will help you to properly and affectively winterize your property for a lush and green landscape this spring!