What is a Well Light?

Well lights are landscape lighting fixtures that are recessed in the ground. This means they are installed/mounted in the ground, or underwater (so yes, they are wet-rated fixtures).
These lighting fixtures direct light upwards, so they are a great option for uplighting. Because they are installed in-ground, well lights are discrete landscape fixtures and best if you are going for the “hidden” light fixture look.

What Are Well Lights Used For?

A well light can be installed in so many settings: in-ground for your walkways/pathways, in front of plants (trees, shrubbery, bushes etc.), installed in your ponds or swimming pools, installed around your ponds or swimming pools to illuminate certain features like water fountains, etc., and a slew of other things. Well lights are also ideal for highlighting buildings, architectural features, and flag poles.
Again, if you want an upward directional light fixture that doesn’t stick out (unobtrusive), well lights are the right option for you.

Free Lighting Design Consultation

We offer a free design consultation to our clients. We will first listen to your ideas of what you would like in your lighting portrait. We will ask:

  • What are your main vantage points? (Where do you see the yard from?)
  • Are there certain paths or steps you would like to navigate at night?
  • What elements are most important to you in your landscape?

We will discuss the perspectives from which you see the yard and how you use the space. We will discuss various landscape lighting design concepts.

We should have a brief discussion about your budget.

We will then take panoramic photos and use these, in conjunction with our notes from our conversations to create a design that will best meet your needs. Depending on the size and scope of your project, design times can vary

We will provide you with a detailed proposal covering the specific areas illuminated and equipment included with a specific price. I’ll also bring my spreadsheet so we can use it together to fine tune the proposal to best meet your needs.

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