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Tick Tubes, what they are for and where to use them and why!!!


Contrary to popular belief, it’s mice, not deer, that are the primary hosts for ticks. Studies have shown that while deer and other animals pick them up indirectly while passing through the rodents’ habitat, mice and their nests are the primary breeding ground for ticks.

Tick tubes don’t kill the ticks directly. They work by enticing mice and other small rodents to use the cotton for nesting material. The mice take pieces of the treated cotton back to their nests, where the permethrin binds with the oils in their fur. This makes the mice into little walking tick killers – when the ticks climb onto the mice to feed, the permethrin kills the ticks, breaking the insect’s life-cycle.

This process is entirely harmless to the mice, and there is no pesticide residue on your plants or lawn like you would have if you used a spray.


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