Make your home sparkle with beautiful lights and decorations this year to celebrate the holiday season. We provide holiday light installation for many homes  and businesses across Long Island. We provide unparalleled service and excellence when you need your home decorated for the holidays.

This holiday season, avoid the tangles, mess and hassle of digging through endless boxes of holiday decorations stuffed into garage corners and attic crawl spaces. This year you don’t need to brave the cold winds, attaching lights to your rooftop while balancing on a dangerous ladder.

Our certified technicians will safely, accurately, and elegantly install breathtaking holiday decorations that will light up your home with beauty and glee. We offer full-service design, set up, take down, and even storage, all included and guaranteed!

Residential and Commercial
Holiday Light Installation

Extravagant or Simple,
we do it all!


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Select Your Lights and Decor

We offer a full catalog of lights, displays and products to choose from. All of our products are of the highest commercial grade available. We can customize any home, business or landscape setting with a wide array of different types of lights, décor and displays. We offer both traditional Christmas as well as Hanukkah lighting.

Choose from any of our holiday light designs for a spectacular display this season. We take pride in our fully Custom holiday light installation services. Check out the link to our Christmas Light Installation page as well as the catalog installed there.

Design A Holiday Dream

At Long Island Christmas Light Installation by Alternative EarthCare, we offer the most unique designs for your home, yard and landscapes. We can provide you with a design of our own or you can be as involved as you like in the design planning process. It’s your home, let us help you make is even more beautiful. Our holiday services provide the lighting of trees, shrubs and your home. We can also provide ground lighting, which can outline your walkways, drive ways or flower beds. We have Groundstakes and Starburst as well. We also have Light Links to affix to your house that provide Incredible Displays, see catalog for all this and more products !

Full Service Guarantee

From vibrant lights to extravagant yard displays, we install, maintain, take down and even store them for you. With any of our installations we guarantee the products as part of the service. We offer free service calls and repairs. At the first sight of a problem (if any lights out, or if a string should fall out of place due to weather conditions for instance) we will be at your location within 48 hours to fix any and all issues.

Licensed and Insured Technicians

Long Island Christmas Light Installation by Alternative Earthcare is fully licensed and insured to ensure quality and success. Our technicians are specially trained in holiday lighting and assure excellent results. We are Height Certified Safety Technicians.  Our professional illumination specialists are quite experienced in reaching the highest parts of your home safely. Let us do it all and even store them for you !!!

Free, No Obligation, Consultation

We offer free, no obligation consultations with estimates on-site. Take the Hassle out of the holidays! Call Long Island Christmas Light Installation by Alternative EarthCare today! Have the nicest house on the block this year. We guarantee it !!!