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Core Aeration & Seeding: What it is and Why it is important thing to do for your Lawn


What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is the mechanical process of establishing air chambers in your lawn, while reducing the compaction of the soil in your lawn. These air chambers allow air to pass without restraint into the soil and circulate throughout the grass roots.


Methods we use at Alternative Earthcare:

Alternative Earthcare uses a mechanical aerator. The mechanical aerator has 4 inch spikes that will remove plugs of soil approximately inch in diameter and up to 4-5 inches in depth every couple of inches. This action is performed in a crisscross fashion to ensure random plugs. The plugs are then left on the lawn to break down naturally. This process is a proven method to ensure the greatest level of success possible.


Why does your lawn need aeration?

After a while, existing soil that your lawn grows on can become compacted due to high traffic such as sports, walking, children playing and parking.Soil compaction can have a negative effect on the lawn when pore spaces become smaller restricting air flow and water infiltration.

Oxygen is an essential part of plant growth. In order for grass roots to take in oxygen, they need an unrestricted circulation. This is one reason why your lawn needs aeration.

Another key factor that may give you cause to aerate your lawn is a buildup of thatch. Aeration helps break down thatch. The process of breaking down thatch begins by taking the cores and laying them out on the surface of the lawn. By doing this, it introduces microorganisms into the thatch layer, breaking it down and returning nutrients to the soil.


The Benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Encourages breakdown and decomposition of thatch by introducing soil microorganisms
  • Enhanced development of roots
  • Proliferate water, oxygen & nutrient intake by grass roots
  • Helps prevent run off of fertilizer from compacted areas


The Benefits of Seeding your Lawn:

In addition to aerating, Alternative Earthcare can seed the lawn. This allows seeds to fall into the chambers and ensure germination. Aeration and seeding fills bare areas, thickens turf and diminishes potential weed invasion. We use the highest quality seeds which can be customized to land, shade, sun and soil. We can use specific seed types to match the current turf.