For over 20 years Alternative EarthCare has been the lead company in developing and utilizing organic methods specialty designed for educational grounds and sports turf,  as well as Town Municipal Grounds and Parks.  Our New York State Services for schools include making the transition from traditional pesticides and fertilizers to safer organic methods. Through NYSID over 30 School Districts are using Alternative EarthCare as their preferred choice of tree and lawn care. We are happy to provide referrals upon request.

We are passionate about the Earth at Alternative EarthCare, and our care and expertise is just what is needed when our children are involved. Our services provide the least toxic options when addressing problems such as insect infestations, especially those that can harm our kids with the spread of disease, such as deer ticks.

Should Schools and Town Parks
Go Organic?

Pesticides are known to be dangerous to humans, especially children, whose developing organ systems are more sensitive than those of fully formed adults. There are also a multitude of issues that are associated with pesticides, which can affect our children

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How School Grounds and Parks Impact Children

It is important for our children to enjoy recess and have those happy moments playing chase and ball. Recess in particular offers benefits that a structured gym class and sports cannot: promoting innovation and creative thinking. The grounds surrounding a school should look lush, green, and inviting to students and their parents, encouraging mental ease and confidence. To ensure the beauty of New York State grounds we offer full seeding deep tine aerating and top dressing of sports fields.

Apart from academics are the all-important sports programs of a school. Sports foster in children confidence, independence, and teamwork—all skills that will be used throughout their lives whether on the field, in the classroom, or in an office years later.

The regular physical activity offered by sports, gym class, and recess benefits children in many ways, especially through building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and joints, as well as helping control weight a reduce the incidences of childhood obesity.

Physical activity is even associated with improved academic achievement, including grades and standardized testing scores. Activity affects cognitive skills, concentration, attention, and behavior—all direct components to test taking and complex thinking.

Of course, in order for competitive sports to be played and enjoyed, there must be the proper equipment and landscape required. At Alternative EarthCare we specialize in renovating and maintaining sports’ fields.