Humane Deer Control 1

Are you tired of deer destroying your plants and beautiful landscape, and bringing disease carrying ticks to you property, then we have a solution for you and your entire family.

  • Effective Cutting Edge Granular Product
  • All Natural Product
  • Will Not Harm the Deer
  • Guaranteed Results

Alternative Earthcare’s Deer Removal Solution – is an all natural, biodegradable, environmentally safe and guaranteed to keep deer away from your prized gardens, shrubs and trees, while not being offensive to humans. Our Deer Removal Solution won’t harm animals, the environment and, most importantly, you and your family. Blended from selected organic components, our deer removal  solution will keep deer off your plantings because it convinces deer that harm is nearby through their uncanny sense of smell. Our deer removal solution will change the deer behavior. As they near the applied barrier of our deer removal solution, deer are actually alerted to a sense of danger – even death!

Apply our Deer Removal Solution any time of year!!!

Apply our Deer Removal Solution now to stop deer browsing on your property, change the paths that the deer have grown accustomed to using through your yard and guard your gardens, trees and shrubs! Alternative Earthcare Deer Removal Solution can be applied as a protective perimeter strip or it can be evenly spread throughout a garden bed or flowerbed. Our Deer Removal Solution will shield your flowers, shrubs, trees, ornamental trees, vegetable garden’s, forests, vineyards, orchards, field crops and nursery stock when used as directed and consistently applied every 25 to 30 days. Our Solution will keep deer away for good but will not harm the deer.

Also use our deer removal solution to keep deer out of any botanical areas. Get plant protection now

Enjoy your gardening again!!!

Humane Deer Control 2

Keep your summer landscape lush, green, full of flowers and protected from browsing deer. You’ve spent hours and money building your prized gardens, nurturing your beautiful shrubs and growing your striking trees. You don’t want a few hungry deer to come by and literally eat the fruits of your labor! With regular application of Alternative Earthcare Deer Removal Solution, you’ll once again enjoy sitting among your attractive flowers, gathering your delicious fruits and vegetables, strolling among the cooling shade of spreading trees. With our deer removal solution, you get guaranteed plant protection 24 hours a day!

Avoid inconvenient sprays that smell bad and wash off in rain. Alternative Earthcare Deer Removal Solution outperforms other deer repellents at any time of year.

Call us today for a free evaluation of your landscape and how we can rid your property of these disease carrying and property damaging deer.

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