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Alternative EarthCare Shares 4 Little Known Reasons for Mosquitoes Spraying in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Long Island N.Y.




Alternative EarthCare has been providing quality residential and commercial services across Long Island, New York since 1996. Specializing in mosquito, flea, and Hampton’s tick control service, traditional lawn services (including aeration and seeding), irrigation system services, tree removal and pruning, and Christmas and holiday light installation, the team of professionals successfully caters to your needs in the least toxic, most organic way possible.

Most people know that mosquito bites are terribly annoying and can transmit dangerous diseases. This is reason enough to spray Nassau and Suffolk properties for human and pet safety. However, there are factors that many people don’t consider which further the need for mosquito spraying. Alternative EarthCare shares three little-known reasons for mosquito spraying in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

  1. Mosquitoes use host blood for egg production Getting mosquito bites is bad enough, but to add insult to injury, mosquitoes use that blood to further egg production. So, every time a mosquito bites, it’s helping to increase its numbers. Properties left untreated risk mosquito infestations, especially if there are a steady supply of hosts and ample habitats. Spray properties to prevent potentially dangerous mosquito bites and to minimize their breeding capabilities.
  2. Males feed on and derive energy from plants and flower nectar Female mosquitoes do the biting, while the purpose of the male mosquito is more for proliferation of the species. These male mosquitoes hang out near vegetation such as plants and flowers for their energy, making it important to spray in these areas. Having a professional spray areas that male mosquitoes commonly congregate at will do more than minimize mosquito populations in the moment, but will help to control future breeding capabilities.
  3. Certain people are more at risk While mosquitoes are annoying at best and dangerous at worst to all people, some people are more appetizing to mosquitoes, making spraying a smart option. Pregnant women, people with type O blood, and people who have recently worked out are more attractive to mosquitoes. In the case of pregnancy especially, minimizing anything that could have a detrimental impact on the mom or the baby is highly important.
  4. Mosquito related illnesses cost the country millions in medical costs Treating many mosquito-borne diseases such as Malaria, the Zika virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and the West Nile virus, can be costly and problematic. These illnesses can cause issues that range from the mild such as fevers and fatigue to major medical issues such as respiratory distress, neurological issues, organ failure, and even death. On top of the potentially dangerous or even fatal effects of mosquito-born illnesses, treating the West Nile virus has been one of the toughest problems to date as well as very costly.