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Alternative EarthCare Discusses How Tick Tubes Can Help East End of Long Island Residents Minimize Tick Populations

Alternative EarthCare Discusses How Tick Tubes Can Help East End Residents Minimize Tick Populations

LONG ISLAND, N.Y August 4th, 2019  Alternative EarthCare has been providing quality residential and commercial services across Long Island, New York since 1996. Specializing in mosquito, flea, and east end of long island  tick control service, traditional lawn services (including aeration and seeding), irrigation system services, tree removal and pruning, and Christmas and holiday light installation, the team of professionals successfully caters to your needs in the least toxic, most organic way possible.


Ticks pose a very real danger to east end Long Island residents. Their numbers are climbing each year and the dangerous diseases they transmit are impacting more Long Islanders than ever before. Tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme diseases, the Powassan Virus, Babesiosis, and more, can have a detrimental effect on the neurological system, the respiratory system, and the immune system. Symptoms can range from mild, such as muscle aches, nausea, and fatigue, to very serious symptoms such as seizures, respiratory issues, and in extreme cases, even death. Alternative EarthCare discusses how tick-tubes can help east end residents minimize tick populations.


While spray treatments are the best way to address tick-control, the utilization of minimally toxic options such as tick-tubes, are a great way to further control tick populations on the property and are a safe alternative to spray treatments for people who are looking for the least toxic treatment approaches possible. Strategically placed, biodegradable cardboard tubes filled with permethrin-treated cotton balls minimize the potential of tick migration on their most common hosts- mice and other small rodents.


Rodents bring the permethrin-treated cotton back to their nests where gathering ticks can be eliminated. The permethrin not only impacts tick populations by killing off those that are within the nests but also by its release into rodent fur to kill off those that are on the rodents and by preventing new ticks from climbing onto those rodents. While tick-tube treatments kill off disease-carrying ticks, they do not harm the rodents or other mammals on the property.


Tick-tube treatments are recommended twice a year. The best way to address tick control is to obtain a property analysis to determine the level of tick infestations present and the specific needs of your property and your family.  Whether used in conjunction with other tick control methods such as spraying, or as a stand-alone treatment, tick tubes are an effective means of minimizing tick populations to keep your family, pets, and visitors safe.


Serving both Suffolk and Nassau County, including the East End and the Hamptons, Alternative EarthCare offers a variety of organic, non-toxic lawn care services for your home or business. In addition to beautifying and maintaining properties, the award-winning staff is also dedicated to the safety and health of their customers.