Our Tree and Shrub Care Program includes:

  • Insect Control
  • Disease Control
  • Scale Control
  • Dormant Oil
  • Deep Root Feedings

Insect control:

We monitor your property each visit and will treat the affected plants with a broad spectrum product to help minimize damage . We will apply the right product at the correct time and at the correct rates according to the label. For harder to control insects, such as scale we will soil soak around the base of the plant. For insects that bore into the bark of birch and beech trees Alternative Earthcare will inject the tree with treatments into the base of the tree to help extend the life of the tree.

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Disease Control:

Alternative Earthcare uses an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining plant health using alternative practices which include soil sampling and creation of plans to make for optimal soil conditions for plant growth. Periodic inspections are essential to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels.

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Scale Control:

Both Soft Shell and Armored Scale are difficult to control. Soft shell scale excrete honey dew that will create a fungus called sooty mold which will interfere with photosynthesis within the plan. We treat this mold with dormant oils in the spring and a contact and systemic soil soak will help the plants get rid of these pesty and damaging insects.

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Dormant Oils:

Dormant oils are effective in controlling certain scales that overwinter as nymphs or adults such as cottony maple, euonymus, lecanium, and obscure scale. We at Alternative Earthcare apply such oils in early spring and late summer to eradicate insects by killing them while they are still in the egg part of the cycle.

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Deep Root Feedings:

Deep Root Fertilization is a process where a Alternative Earthcare technician injects our specially blended fertilizer directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs. Our timed release fertilizer formula continuously feeds and nourishes your landscape throughout the entire growing season to give you the healthiest and vibrant landscape possible. Alternative Earthcare’s balanced deep root fertilizer blend includes precise amounts of premium slow-release nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, iron, and a micronutrient package along with beneficial humic acid all designed to significantly enhance the health and beauty of your valuable landscape all season long. We root feed in both the spring and the fall of each year.

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